About MarketPeak

MarketPeak is an investment platform for FinTech projects and products that offers rewards to the community. In order to achieve this in the best possible way, projects are offered to investors during their early stages (e.g. private sale, presale, etc.). Existing products & services will be tokenized and offered at special conditions to the MarketPeak Community. We also aim to decentralise the platform itself in the future (see our Roadmap).

Problems faced by companies, investors and buyers in fintech


  • Lack of Marketing
  • Hardly any advertising opportunities for Fintech companies
  • No focus on product development

Investors & Buyers

  • No access to exclusive conditions & prices
  • Lack of expertise on how to review projects
  • Go through KYC again and again
  • No rewards for recommendations

MarketPeak Solutions

A global digital platform with organic reach that offers an infrastructure and sufficient number of active members to allow fundraising for projects and products and benefit from economies of scale. We focus on delivering the best marketing, good education and strong projects & products reviews for buyers, investors and affiliates.


How does it work?

ICO, STO ...
Tokenized Assets, Signals, Hardware Wallets...
Personality, Marketing, Sales, Crypto...
  • Invest and buy
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  • Profit
  • Purchase of coins
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  • Rewards
Community of Investors, Buyers & Affiliates

Key Features


One-time KYC for all projects


Early entrance into exclusive projects


Quality control of projects published on the platform


Maximum discount for registered users


Audit and legal compliance of all listed projects


Referral bonuses and remunerations for investors


Read our documents

These are our official documents that can help you to fully understand us.

Features of the MarketPeak Platform

Easy Usability
& Responsive Design

The platform is user friendly by providing a clean design and clearly structured interface that works on all devices.


Due to our partnerships, you can benefit from the best conditions for projects and products that you usually would not get.

Safe & Secure

Regular updates and checks are done in order to provide the greatest possible security and a stable platform.

Personal Education &
Easy Communication

Online Coaching and live webinars facilitate organic growth and community building. You also have access to our internal messaging system which allows easy communication.


Rollout Roadmap

  • Idea and Concept Creation
  • Research, Strategic Plan & Team assemble
Whitepaper completion
  • Whitepaper completion | Building a functional Platform
Design Overlay
  • Design Overlay | Inhouse-Testing of functionality
Launch website
  • Open website registration and building community channels.
Start offering
  • Start offering first projects, products and rewards. PEAK Tokens for first 10,000 Members 3 Education Products
2000 active members
  • 4 projects & products listed on our platform
Limited PEAK bonus
  • PEAK token bonus for buying membership packages 5% / 10% / 15% until 15th December.
8000 active members
  • 5 projects & products listed on our platform. PEAK token price of $0,06 USD
Jan/Feb 2020
Dubai grand opening
  • Start of our "PEAK Bonus Wallet Incentive" program.
Feb/Mar 2020
Crypto exchange listing
Dec 2020
Smart Contracts
  • 10 projects & products listed Target: PEAK token price of $ 1,00 USD
Nov 2021
Decentralized solution
  • Fully decentralized solution for our MarketPeak platform. Target: PEAK token price between $2,00 USD and $4,00 USD

CEO & Founder | Sergej Heck

Hello! I am Sergej Heck

Sergej is a successful author, global marketing expert and blockchain entrepreneur. He is the owner of blockchain-hero.com and coinkurier.de, two platforms and crypto magazines which educate people about the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology.

Internationally Sergej is known for his focus on execution and is famous for his enormous success in establishing a global sales team in only a matter of months. His wide understanding of the subject, sales processes and people skills are key to making this project successful.


Executive team

Benjamin Bendig
Benjamin is a highly skilled Developer who worked as lead developer at Bitwala in the past. ... Since then he’s been the cofounder and CTO of another startup and now is looking forward to apply his learnings to help kickstart MarketPeak.
CSO & Co-Founder
David Glades
David is known for his strategies in selling and building large structures. Previously he was CEO ... David is known for his strategies in selling and building large structures. Previously he was CEO of Blockchain Consultants AG in Dubai / (RAK). Since its foundation, he has managed several portfolios and various investments in various industries. David Glades, also known as the "Blockchain Visionary", has been bringing his experience as a world leading expert in blockchain and innovation since 2014.
Lead Social Media
Jonas Mehmood
Jonas is an expert in Social Media Marketing and has and advanced knowledge in the Blockchain... Space. He knows exactly how to interact with his target group and gain more reach.
Performance Marketing
Sebastian Straus
Sebastian is a high skilled Online Marketer especially in Paid Advertising and Funnel Building. He cooperated with many companies and brands.
Content Marketing
Rob Ernst
Rob is an Online Marketer who worked in the past as content creator for Blockchain-Hero.com
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Ugur Erdogan
Ugur is an experienced Social Media Manager who worked in the past for several companies to build their brands.
Content- and Translation Manager
Julia Bebber
After several years in the field of management assistance. Julia joined Blockchainhero as a content manager. Now at MarketPeak, she manages content and translations.


Christopher Funk
Chris is the founder of the Xenagos GmbH in Frankfurt that is known as best Headhunter company. He is an expert in scaling up businesses by structuring sales and recruiting for companies.
Jörg Scholler
Jörg is an expert in Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and the CEO of SEO Ambassador. He knows exactly how to drive organically targeted traffic to a website.
Thomas Krüger
Mobile Development Expert and Certified Android Expert with over 10 years of experience and 60+ apps published. Worked for Porsche, Mercedes, Groupon, Siemens and many more.

Our Partner


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